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Welcome to Families Achieving Healthy Balance

Welcome to Families Achieving Healthy Balance!

Families Achieving Healthy Balance (FAHB) is a family-based pediatric weight management program for children 6-12 years old and their families. Our goal is to work with families, especially children, in identifying healthier food choices, modifying unhealthy behaviors, and increasing physical activity.

The cost of the program is free for the entire family and the program has been shown to be effective!

The FAHB program requires your family to meet with coaches once a week for a total of 20 sessions and attend an in-person learning session once a month for 5 months. Each session is approximately 2 hours. During the monthly session, all family members will participate in practical nutrition education, goal setting and healthy lifestyle strategies, and physical activities.

It is a FUN way to spend your evening, as a family!

Starting June, 2023

Call 402-462-6211 with questions.

If you are a family interested in participating in Families Achieving Health Balance

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