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Injury Reports

A report released by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services shows injury rates across the state by public health jurisdiction.  South Heartland District Health Department has reviewed their local results compared to other health districts and to the statewide results.

Motor vehicle crashes, suicides, and unintentional falls were the three leading causes of injury death in Nebraska for 2009 to 2013. On average, more years of potential life were lost due to unintentional and intentional injury than due to any other cause of death, with the exception of cancer. During this same time period, unintentional falls, motor vehicle crashes and self-inflicted injury were the three leading causes of injury-related hospitalization, while unintentional falls, struck by/against, and cut/pierce were the three leading causes of ED visits due to injury. This report depicts the most recent injury surveillance data to help guide current and future injury prevention activities and programs.

Full Injury in Nebraska Report