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Substance Misuse

Substance Misuse is harmful and costly to individuals, relationships and communities, but it can be prevented and treated. In Adams, Clay, Nuckolls and Webster Counties, residents are concerned about the health impacts, community burden and dangers associated with substance misuse and abuse. See the graphic below to learn about SH's 6 year goals.

Medications address health concerns in many positive ways, but there is also a risk of misuse or abuse. Individuals who take medication or give it to their children need to know how to give the medication, how to store the medication and how to dispose of the medication. SHDHD is partnering with ASAAP, DEA, and Nebraska Pharmacy Association to sponsor drug takeback programs in the month of April. The easiest way to rid your medicine cabinet of unwanted and expired medication is to take them to a participating pharmacy, as listed below:


Bert's Pharmacy, 1021 W. 14th, Hastings, (402) 462-4466

Crosier Park Pharmacy, 405 E. 14th, Hastings, (402) 462-4600

Heartland Veterinary Pharmacy, 401 W. 33rd, Hastings, (800) 934-9398

Keith's Drive-In Drug, 500 N. Hastings, Hastings, (402) 462-6101

Mary Lanning Hospital, 715 N. St. Joseph, Hastings, (402) 463-4521

Redline Pharmacy Solutions, 2415 Osborne Dr E., Hastings, (402) 462-2929

Russ's Pharmacy, 611 N. Burlington, Hastings, (402) 463-8503

Walgreens Pharmacy, 705 N. Burlington, Hastings, (402) 463-4554

Walmart Pharmacy, 3803 Osborne Dr W., Hastings, (402) 462-6100


Sutton Pharmacy, 210 N. Sanders, Sutton, (402) 773-4300


Superior Pharmacy, 348 N. Central, Superior, (402) 879-4234


Ron's Pharmacy, 537 W. Gage, Blue Hill, (402) 756-3811

Village Pharmacy, 317 N. Webster, Red Cloud, (402) 746-3335