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Chronic Disease Prevention

South Heartland District Health Department is partnering with many agencies, individuals and businesses to help decrease chronic disease in our district. Focusing on high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Sections of Chronic Disease Prevention:

  • Diabetes Prevention
  • Walkability in Communities
  • Self-Monitoring of High Blood Pressure
  • Community Health Workers

Diabetes Prevention

Smart Moves is an CDC evidence based program that helps people with known or at risk for pre-diabetes prevent diabetes. Are you at risk?

Did you score a 9 or higher?

Call us today at  1-877-238-7595  to get registered for our new online Diabetes Prevention Program.  

Click here to learn more about the diabetes health and lifestyle training program. 

Click the link below to listen to the podcast from KHAS Sunrise 60 Radio.  The interview was conducted with Dr. Michele Bever, Executive Director, South Heartland District Health Department on Friday, November 4, 2022.

"Making Smart Moves to Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes"

Walkability in Communities:

Walking is easy just step and repeat!

South Heartland is working to implement the step and repeat state branding through:

Resources to Promote Walking

If your agency is interested in partnering to promote walking or physical activity, call us at  1-877-238-7595.

Self-Monitoring of High Blood Pressure

1 in 3 Adults have high blood pressure, do you know your numbers?  There are nearly 80 million Americans with hypertension. High blood pressure or hypertension is often called the “silent killer.” High blood pressure often has no sign or symptoms, but it can lead to deadly health outcomes such as heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. Despite this effect, high blood pressure is often unknown, misunderstood and ignored. Don’t be a statistic- learn your numbers and talk to your health care professional today.

Community Health Workers

South Heartland works to connect with each and every community in the district. Community Health Workers (CHWs) connect their community to resources in the area to help make happy healthy individuals. South Heartland has established a CHW network and if you feel you are a CHW in anyway please contact us today.

To help individuals identify if they function as a CHW, the following two videos: “Am I a Community Health Worker” (4 min, 36 sec) and “How Community Health Workers help community members: Maria & Belen’s story” (5 min, 29 sec) are quite enlightening.

Lastly, to help a health care system, clinic, agency, business or worksite identity value in "Employing a CHW" this 3 minute and 40 second video will be very worth your time.