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Breast Cancer

Most people know about breast cancer.  You probably know someone with breast cancer.   During the month of October, you will see many people wearing pink shirts and pink ribbons which have become commonly recognized symbols for breast cancer awareness.

Female breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in Nebraska.  In 2018 (most recent data), 1.540 new female breast cancer cases and 222 deaths were reported.  CDC Data Visualization Tool

According to the American Cancer Society, one in eight women in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime and, sadly, the chance that breast cancer will be the cause for a woman’s death is 1 in 39 (  These statistics are similar for Nebraska women.

So, how can we move from breast cancer awareness to action? And, what tools are available to help?

Many women have questions about breast cancer, screening guidelines, how to talk with their health care provider about their risk factors of developing cancer and what to do if they develop cancer. Check out the resource links below and call SHDHD for more information.

Local cancer survivor Carissa Uhrmacher (Hastings, Nebraska) touts the benefits of breast cancer screening.  Below is her breast cancer journey (September, 2022):

          Short Video

          Full Interview